Battle Of Rock Paper And Scissor

It’s about time to re-live the memories made in school with Rock paper scissors. The most popular game of your childhood is now available on your smartphone with super cool graphics and the latest fun-filled rules. It’s time to enter the thriving battle of Rock, Paper, and scissors.

App Overview

A getaway to a journey of a smart, challenging, and exciting journey of Rock Paper Scissor epic battle!

Smart Notification

Now keep yourself updated with who added you as a friend or who challenged you while you were away with our smart notification.

User-friendly UI Outline

New to our app? Don’t worry, our easy-to-use UI design will get you started within no time!

Virus Protected

Don’t you worry about any viruses by installing this game? Our tech-savvy super antivirus has got you covered for any possible mishap!

Speedy Execution

All it takes is one single app to enter the world of “Rock Paper Scissor Scoot”.

Ceaseless Gaming

Comes with easy and smooth game flow that will keep you intact with this game for prolonged time.

Battery Saver

Battery Low? Don’t worry, our app consumes a lower battery, and allows you to enjoy your game as long as you want!

Social Share

Want to play with your friends? Then invite your friends with the help of our in-built sharing feature.

Well-Defined Controls

Easily adjustable control for every device. Now play your game in the setting that you like the most!

Rock Paper Scissor Scoot Now!

Fun-filled gaming challenges to make you feel awesome!

Rock paper scissors the game of your childhood is back! It’s about time to enjoy the exact same game of your school bench on your smartphone with your friends.

Choose your sign from rock, paper, or a scissor, and show your opponent what you got. Either cut the paper with scissors or block a rock with paper, do what you have to stop your opponent from winning!


Take a look at the screenshots below. Do you like what you see? Then you can enjoy the thrill that we experience too by installing this app.